Vision & Mission

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Authur Loo and Ken Koo co-founded Loo & Koo in 1995 to cater to a growing New Zealand Chinese community. Even back then the two lawyers had a bigger vision: to be a law firm that would foot it with the best in New Zealand.

From the start, the two founding partners set high standards for the firm to ensure its place in the mainstream of New Zealand legal practice. This is reflected in the firm’s extensive level of practice and expertise.

Today Loo & Koo’s original focus on accessibility has evolved from being Chinese-oriented to that of a cornerstone firm philosophy that now applies to and appeals to the wider New Zealand community.


How It Began

The idea for the firm was seeded over the Christmas New Year holidays in 1995 when Arthur received a phone callout from Ken, a former legal colleague with an entrepreneurial flair. Ken was excited and told Arthur the time was right to set up on their own.

Chinese immigration was booming and there was no law firm properly focusing on the needs of these new migrants and the Chinese community in general.

“We decided to have a true focus on Asians, understand them, talk to them in their own language and provide some cultural understanding as well,” Arthur says.