Living in New Zealand

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Family friendly 
New Zealand is a great place to bring up children. There are plenty of open spaces for children to run about and explore without the worry of security and safety. Most NZ households live in landed properties with gardens and compounds for the kids to play as well as spaces for the pet animals. Children start school at the age of 5. Children are encouraged to walk to school and yes it is safe to walk to school.
NZ was ranked 5th in the world in terms of Human Development according to UNDP Human Development report in 2011. NZ was ranked 1st in education in the Human Development Index 2011. NZ education system emphasizes on skills development rather than knowledge per se. Most NZ schools offers excellent extra curriculum outside the classroom such as sports, music, performing arts and vocational trainings like food technology, carpentry etc..
Balanced Lifestyle
NZ offers great lifestyle with its abundance of open spaces and recreational opportunities. Imagine sharing the land the size of UK or Japan with only 4.5 million people in a modern and developed economy, you would have to sympathise your compatriots in Tokyo or London. Living in a pollution free and healthy lifestyle is the ultimate choice of every migrant. NZ has so much to offer in this respect that we call this land the last Eden on earth.
Cost of Living
In 2012 Mercer survey Auckland ranked 56th in terms of cost of living. It is a lot lower than many cities like Singapore (6), Sydney (11), Melbourne (15), Shanghai (16), Beijing (17), Perth (19), Brisbane (24), London (25) and Adelaide (27). New Zealand has an open market economy, products and services are priced very competitively according to market forces. Besides the Good and Services Tax (GST), most consumer items attract very little or no tax, with the exception of petrol prices.